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Law of attraction as the name suggests that is the powerful concept that Rhonda Bryne was
introduced in 2006. This concept stated that we attract everything  in our life weather , whether it will be a positive vibes or  negative vibes , change your thought it will  become action so whenever you think somethings be careful in choosing the  thought.


For example if you are in a traffic and you are criticizing about traffic then the traffic will not clear because you have attracted the traffic and you were getting negative because you need to  go early at your destination ,but you were attracting this situation

Whatever you  thought it will be come your destiny so it is important to take a  positive thoughts that makes you feel better and you will completed your task

Three Concepts by which we can achieve law of attraction

  1.  Ask
  2.  Believe
  3.  Receive

If you have any Desire or  a wish and you want to manifest it firstly you have to ask to the universe for  the things you  Desire then you have to believe that it will already  being with you for the particular period of time and thirdly what will be your feeling when you will firstly got it what are the feelings that you have when you got your desired thing

This is a continuous process fasting of Asking ,Believing, Receiving.

For this you have to practice the practical exercises on the daily basis for achieving the law of attraction results this is not the fake now this will guarantee you to make your future as it is what you want that should be delivered by the universe with precision  of milliseconds.

We are like the magnet like opposite poles attract each other  unlike poles repel each other at the same condition with law of attraction whenever you have a Desire if your  Desire will not strong  manifested it will  doesn’t come true and then you  will say law of attraction doesn’t work.

To be strong in the Desire whatever you want write in the piece of a paper and write it in the present tense that you’ve already got it so by this way you can achieve Law of Attraction goals quickly and manifested it successful.


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