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Magical maths is the fastest calculation tricks that will make your child  genius in mathematics . These tricks  compromises of different formulas that should be used to make your mathematics fastest like calculators.

These classes are from  Standard 4th to  standard .These classes are very interesting classes if someone joins these classes he/she  will become master in only 15 days.


Topic That Covered In Magical Maths

  • World Fastest Addition upto 10 digits
  • World Fastest Multiplication upto 7digits
  • World Fastest Division of 15 Digits
  • World Fastest Subtraction 10 Digits
  • World Fastest Square 5 Digits
  • World Fastest Cube 3 Digits
  • World Fastest Square Roots
  • World Fastest Cube Roots
  • World Fastest Decimal Multiplication & Division
  • World Fastest Trick for Mics Topics